How many players does it take to escape a Palace Games escape room?

50,000 people!

That’s right – since discovering The Houdini Escape Room in 2015, Palace Games has hosted over 5000 escape rooms! That’s 50,000 people who have pitted their brains and bravery against the challenges presented by Harry Houdini and Teddy Roosevelt!

Just how many people is 50,000?


  • 50,000 players laid end-to-end would cross the Golden Gate Bridge more than 30 times, creating a stack of humans over three stories tall.

  • 50,000 people would fill a Golden State Warriors’ home game 2.5 times, leaving no room for fans of the other team.

  • 50,000 people laid end-to-end would reach from the Palace of Fine Arts to the San Jose Airport, causing enormous traffic jams.

  • 50,000 people would fill AT&T Park for a Giants game, and still have more than 8000 forced to watch the game from a nearby bar. It would be a VERY crowded bar!


And we aren’t finished yet! The third escape room at the Palace of Fine Arts has recently been discovered and will be open to the public soon. We hope all 50,000 players will come back to play that one too!

Thank you to all our wonderful guests!


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