Goldfish Team Sign

The Importance of Escape Team Names

What is the first puzzle every team needs to solve at Palace Games?

It’s not in the escape room. It is a combination of letters and numbers. And the answer has stumped even the most experienced players. Any idea?

Here’s a hint: It starts with a simple question asked by the room host. The same question is repeated by the team organizer.

“What’s your team name?”

“Team name? What’s our team name? Uh. Oh. Um… Guys, we need a team name.” the team organizer asks over the excited chatter of players assembled in the guest parlor. “Guys. Guys? GUYS! What’s our team name?”

A name as good, or as terrible! as the team, requires creativity, a willingness to embrace the absurd – or not – and builds consensus before teams walk into the room.  

We’ve been fortunate to host thousands of teams in the past four years. Seen everything from Rough Riders for The Roosevelt Escape Room players to a clever Hou-dis? for The Great Houdini Escape Room and Let Them Eat Lightbulbs for The Edison Escape Room.

Here are a few of our favorite team names:

  • Strutting Happy Savages
  • Spice Squirrels
  • Regular People From LA
  • Spherical Cows
  • Eyeless Molar Muppets
  • More Bongos
  • The Optimistic Longshots
  • Jar Jar Thinks
  • I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends
  • Chicken Feet

Why come up with a good, creative team name? At Palace Games, it puts you in the running to have original, whiteboard artwork drawn on the spot by your host and featured in your team photo. Like… this one.

Goldfish Team Sign