The Game Room - Event space at Palace Games

Team Bonding For Interns and Summer Associates

Make a lasting impression on your summer interns and associates this year.

Treat them to an escape room! Well, not just any escape room. One of the top escape room experiences in the US: Palace Games.

While it’s A LOT of fun it is to solve puzzles while racing against the clock in The Great Houdini Escape Room, The Roosevelt Escape Room, or The Edison Escape Room, it is also beneficial for team building. Over 90% of players surveyed found our escape room experiences productive for team building!

This summer, PG ups the team building ante with two new features:

First: Team Data. We’ll send you evidence of the time you took to solve each puzzle, and how your time compares to the room’s fastest team.

Second: Game Room. This private event space is a place to meet before your escape room, or convene after escaping to celebrate or debrief. You are welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages. The room is also stocked with classic board games, so you can keep the play day going. More info.

Palace Games escape rooms take 80 to 100 minutes to solve and build bonds that last a lifetime!