Team Building Exercises For New Employees

Treat your new employees, interns and summer associates to an unforgettable team building experience!

Organizing team building activities for new employees & interns is an exiting and fun way to introduce people in any organization. Team outings are also a unique opportunity to express company culture and encourage a sense of community. Selecting team building activities for interns, summer associates and new team members which stimulate the mind and require groups to accomplish challenging tasks results in numerous benefits for the participants and the organization!

Escape Rooms and puzzle hunt games have become an extremely popular option for groups organizing team building activities. These experiences offer exciting challenges that require each employee to be actively engaged in a team setting. Quick thinking, problem solving and leadership skills will be tested, all while racing against the clock.

Benefits of Escape Room Team Building for Interns or New Employees

Breaks The Ice: The escape room setting encourages everyone to get to know each other better. Players will need to effectively communicate – speak up, listen, explain complex ideas – in order to be successful in the game!

Sense of Accomplishment: Escape rooms are also known as puzzle rooms for a reason – there are a lot of puzzles! Teams have to solve these puzzles and challenges in order to progress through the game. Even if a group doesn’t win, they will have achieved as a team.

Identifies Strengths: Escape rooms require teamwork – a lot of teamwork. This type of experience quickly highlights a team’s strengths… and areas for improvement. Teams will be able to actively improve on various areas of teamwork while playing as different challenges focus on different facets of team building.

Bonding: Escape rooms are really fun and intense. This type of unique shared experience will create a bond amongst players and give them something to talk about for weeks!

Celebration: While escape rooms are a beneficial team building activity, they are also a lot of fun! So fun, in fact, that a lot of escape room players come for birthdays or other special occasions. Because they are so enjoyable, escape rooms are a great way to celebrate completing a project, hitting goals, a successful summer internship program, new team members, or just good, old fashioned, hard work at the office!

Overall, escape and puzzle games are a unique way to introduce new employees, interns, and summer associates that encourages them to collaborate and communicate. They are also an excellent way to cap off a summer program – a perfect team appreciation event!

Palace Games offers escape room and puzzle hunt experiences in San Francisco, CA. If you’re interested in team building at Palace Games, one of our escape room experts would be happy to help you organize your best team event yet!